BIA Reports

If you’d like a copy of any of the following reports produced by the Carp Road Business BIA, please just fill in the form below.

  • Economic Development Study (2012)
  • Cleantech in the Corridor (2013)
  • Servicing Benefits Study (2014)
  • Promoting LID in the Corridor (2016)
  • Wastewater Management Study (2016)
  • Property and Competitive Value Study (2016)
  • Flood Risk Study (2017)
  • Water Servicing Study (2017)
  • Employment – What can the BIA do? (2018)
  • Transportation Study (2019)
  • CRCBIA – An Eco Industrial Zone (2020)
  • Economic Development Study Update (2022)
  • Drinking Groundwater Quality Study (2023)

A picture of exterior signage at 120 Walgreen Road within the Carp Road Corridor business area.
Exterior signage for 120 Walgreen Road, within the Carp Road Corridor business area

Our Location

The Carp Road Corridor BIA sits in the rural West End of the City of Ottawa, close to the 417 highway.

A map of the City of Ottawa shows the Carp Road Corridor BIA in the far west end.
Click to enlarge graphic. See location on Google Maps.

Our Boundaries

The Carp Road Corridor Business Improvement Area’s boundaries are shown in detail on this City of Ottawa map.

We work with over 300 business and property owner members in the area.

The City of Ottawa boundary map defined at street level for the CRCBIA.